About John & Mary Lynn Van Gelderen

John R. Van Gelderen
entered full-time evangelism in 1992 and has preached throughout the United States and in 20 foreign countries.  John is the president of Revival Focus Ministries, an organization for the cause of revival and evangelism; the editor of Revival, a magazine for those with a heart for revival; the conference host of Revival Focus Conferences, venues for articulating revival truth; and the author/editor of the Netcasters Evangelism Training course, which God has blessed to equip the saints with the truth of the Spirit-filled life and to bring the lost to Christ.  He is also the author of many books, tracts, and songs pertaining to revival and evangelism.  John holds B.A. (84) and M.A. (87) degrees in Bible and a D.Pas.Th. (08) from Bob Jones University.  He travels with his wife, Mary Lynn, and their son, John, Jr., in revival ministry and is based out of Ann Arbor, Michigan.
Mary Lynn Van Gelderen
 is a gifted soloist, accomplished pianist, and published arranger. Her vocal and piano recordings have been used of God to warm and bless the hearts of many. She travels with her husband, John, and son, John, Jr., both singing and playing the piano in their revival meetings.  She has also ministered in Christmas and Thanksgiving concerts.                              


"The evangelist specializes in preaching the gospel: the good news of the saving death of Christ to sinners and the good news of the saving life of Christ to saints. Therefore, the evangelist is for the cause of evangelism and revival. As evangelism focuses on the gospel to the lost, so revival focuses on the gospel to the saints. Both emphases form one gospel message of full salvation. The burden of evangelism is that sinners receive the eternal life of Christ, and the burden of revival is that saints be restored to the abundant life of Christ. In both emphases, the evangelist preaches Christ."

Taken from The Evangelist, The Evangel, and Evangelism by John R. Van Gelderen


The Revived Life

by John Van Gelderen, published by CLC Publications  


Greater than any craving for food and water is the deep longing within the soul of many of God's children to be like Jesus -- to be holy and victorious over evil and to be loving and effective in service.  In a word, to experience Christ's life.

If you've felt these longings, but are discouraged and defeated, separated from the life of Christ by the rising waters of failure, the Word of God provides hope and help.  Laying down biblical stepping stones, John Van Gelderen leads you on a journey to a life which overcomes sin and overflows into ministry to others.

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The Faith Response

by John R. Van Gelderen, published by CLC Publications

Softcover, 118 pages


Is faith a work ... or is it a gift? What is the role of human responsibility?

In The Faith Response, John Van Gelderen addresses this confusion by outlining a proper, biblical understanding of the nature of faith, which is true God-dependence -- realizing "I can't, but God can" -- and he doesn't stop there.  In later chapters he makes practical application of this truth to our daily walk with God, showing how total dependence on God is wrapped up in the secret of "Christ in you, the hope of glory."

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